instruction is when the instructor designs a course to include pre-recorded lectures (e.g., VoiceThread) and creates other learning modules that give students opportunities to interact, such as discussion boards or blogs, in which students can engage in dialogue that supports learning. Instructor presence is planned and includes asynchronous communication throughout the semester.

Authentic Learning

Authentic learning is multi-disciplinary, skills-based learning in a real-life context, demonstrating to students that their learning is connected, relevant, and can have an impact upon the world around them, as well as their future selves.

Backward Design

A course planning framework that begins with the learning end results.


A demonstrated knowledge, judgment, skill in a particular area.

Effective learning experience

Purposeful learning path that promotes learning and employs relevant learning materials and activities.

Formative assessment

Frequent and low stakes activities with instructor feedback that allow students to check their performance and identify areas for improvement.


Gradescope works best for hand-written exams. If your exam requires students to solve equations by hand, draw diagrams, or heavily annotate answers, Gradescope will allow students to scan and upload them and instructors to grade them very efficiently developing “rubrics on the fly” while permitting multiple graders.

Learner-centered instruction

An approach through which learners are actively engaged in the learning process.