Teach Online

With comprehensive and relevant expertise in learning pedagogy, eLearning and Instructional Design has been a key partner in online education at UMass Boston for many years. As the university plans a major, national expansion of its online program offerings, we continue to serve as a valuable resource for educators who are new to online learning, as well as faculty well-versed in the field.

Benefits for Learning

In support of the mission and values of UMass Boston, online education directly contributes to the dynamic culture of teaching and learning at our university, and the benefits of online education include providing access to a more diverse group of learners, including working professionals, single parents, people who live far away from campus, and life-long learners. For many students, online education provides a greater variety of courses, a more comfortable learning environment, and convenience.

Course Design Guidelines and Review

Online courses at UMass Boston are designed with innovative pedagogical practices proven to provide an inclusive and meaningful learning experience for students. Members of eLearning and Instructional Design rely on current research in learning effectiveness to support faculty in the best possible way.

Technology for Learning

Online courses on our campus are delivered using the Blackboard Learn™ learning management system, a robust virtual learning environment. Additional carefully selected educational tools allow us to ensure universal access to learning and facilitate engagement and collaboration. Our educators have access to state-of-the-art technology to record lectures for later viewing, use forums for interactive discussions, create blogs to share their writing with the world, engage students with mobile polling, meet remotely using web conferencing, prevent plagiarism, administer secure assessment, and much more. The resources on this website provide guidance on applying the best practices and selecting the right combination of tools to deliver content and facilitate a meaningful learning experience.

Get Started with Teaching Online

Faculty should get in touch with their respective department chair to determine the administrative steps required to teach a course online.

After receiving an online teaching assignment, new instructors are provided with training and course development guidance and resources through eLearning and Instructional Design.

<Instructors can get a head start with some of the required training before their teaching assignment by requesting to be enrolled in our Teaching and Learning Online course in Blackboard. The training course is available to all instructors.

Teach Online Certificate Program for Doctoral Students

UMass Boston doctoral students interested in learning to teach online are invited to enroll in the Teaching and Learning Online course. To fully benefit from the practical lessons in the course, students should come prepared with a Syllabus for a course they have been assigned to teach or use a Syllabus from a course they’ve taken as a student.

Get Help

For questions about the resources available and the required training, please contact elearning@umb.edu.